Drinks And Beverages For The Summertime

During summer, the heat can be really piercing, especially if you live in the tropics or are having vacation there.  To beat the heat, you need to drink refreshing drinks and beverages so that you can get both hydrated and cool at the same time.  There are actually drinks and beverages that are ideal for summertime.  In fact, some drinks are even good to drink even if it is not summer at all.  If you love cocktails, there are actually fun and cool cocktails that you can really enjoy during summer as they certainly will help you in beating up the heat.

Here are a few examples of drinks and beverages that are very refreshing and are thus perfect for summer:

  1. Margarita – this alcoholic drink is very refreshing to drink both on summertime and nearly any time of the season. It is made using tequila as its base alcoholic content. This is actually the most popular cocktail in the United States with more than a hundred thousand being consumed every hour.  What makes the margarita very refreshing is its lime juice the perfectly blends its sour taste with that of the tequila.  Aside from this, the salt you rim the glass with perfectly complements the overall taste of the cocktail.
  2. Mojito – this cocktail drink is also very refreshing and is also a perfect drink for summertime. Although low in alcoholic content, the mojito makes up for it with its refreshing property. This drink is actually perfect for newbie drinkers as they will not get intoxicated by the drink so quickly.
  3. Lemon Drop Martini – this cocktail drink is actually a derivative of the original martini drink. However, instead of the usual gin content being used, they use vodka as replacement for gin. Sugar and lemon juice are added to the concoction.  It is the sweet and sour taste of the concoction that helps makes it flavorful.  Since the drink is also cold, it’s refreshing property is also elevated.
  4. Soda – if you are not into alcoholic drinks, then soda may just be the right drink for you. Everybody knows that a cold soda can truly be refreshing, especially when it is hot or after a hard work’s day.
  5. Iced Tea – if you are not into soda, the next non-alcoholic drink will be the iced tea. Iced tea while on the beach can be refreshing and helps beat the heat of the sun.

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