Clever Ideas To Enjoy Your Drinks With Vodka

Maybe you are tired of drinking vodka as it is, and if it so happens that you have some vodka lying around at home, then you would surely welcome some clever ideas on how to enjoy your drinks with vodka.  Probably you already have some recipes in mind on how to make drinks with vodka but you are already fed up with the same taste over and over again, and you would want to learn one or a couple of new recipes that involves drinks with vodka.

There are actually a lot of drinks that calls for vodka.  Remember that if no two people are alike (even if they’re twins), then no two people will like almost the same drink served to them, so some drinks with vodka that other people will love does not necessarily mean that you will like them as well.

Below are some clever recipe ideas on drinks with vodka that you might enjoy having one for yourself:

  • VodkaLemon Drop Martini – the lemon drop martini is a basic but very popular drink that anyone can make.  Usually served with a dash of sugar on the glass’s rim, this type of drink is both sour and sweet.  In order to create a lemon drop martini, you would have to get the following ingredients: 1.25 ounce of vodka, 0.25 ounce of triple sec, and 0.25 ounce of lemon juice.  There is no special ritual in combining all of these 3 ingredients. Simply mix them all into your glass, and you can also put some sugar on the rim.
  • White Russian – the White Russian is a very classic mixed drink with vodka that is also very easy to create. The ingredients you will need are: 1 ounce vodka, 0.75 ounce Godiva Mocha Liqueur, and 2 ounces of heavy cream. To create the drink, begin by mixing the vodka and liqueur in a glass already filled with some ice.  Stir the mixture and finish by topping it off with heavy cream.
  • Black Russian – just like its counterpart the White Russian, the Black Russian is a relatively simple drink that anyone can make.  The taste of the Black Russian should be both bitter and sweet, and it is recommended as an after-dinner drink or night cap. To make yourself a Black Russian drink, you will need these two ingredients: 1.5 parts vodka and 1 part coffee liqueur.  Pour these two ingredients in a glass, put in some ice cubes and stir.

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